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Here at East Village at Avondale Meadows we would love for you to start calling our Luxury apartments in Indianapolis home. We don't mind telling you about the reasons why we think you're going to love it here, but the best way for you to gauge how your life will fit into the East Village at Avondale Meadows lifestyle is to listen to the stories and reviews of our current and former residents. They know firsthand what it's like living in the far building, how warm the water is in the pool and how residents can expect to be treated by our staff.

If you're a current resident of East Village at Avondale Meadows, we want to hear from you! How would you rate our staff, the parking situation, noise and your overall experience at our apartments in Indianapolis? We appreciate your honest feedback and look forward to your candor.

I Love Love Love My Apartment It's Spacious And Pleasant by Anonymous on Jan 26, 2013
Living here is overall pretty nice. Some of the neighbors, or their company, are kind of inconsiderate when it comes to parking, I wish there was a certain spot for visitors seeing how some nights when I get in I have to park really far away from my apartment. Other than that I am very pleased. The staff is the bomb!!! They are so kind and sweet and really understanding, they're like family I love them all, including maintenance.

New, Luxury Type Apartments With Great Prices! by Ayshai J. on Jan 18, 2013
I am not really happy with the strictness of parking because I wanted to have a few get togethers and a housewarming party at my new place but other than that everyone is so nice and its very quiet and chill in the neighborhood. The office hours are a bit annoying. I also wish I could get in the gym at any time since all residents have to have an access pass to get in after 5 anyway. Makes me feel like they don't trust their residents. I work 8-5 so my only free time is a few hours after work and weekends.

Improvement by Christopher S. on Nov 3, 2012
Being away from it all, serene

MY NEW HOME by Gina G. on Nov 2, 2012
It's very nice, affordable place to live. The staff is very friendly and easy to talk to. Safe secure place to live. Couldn't ask for anything more at this price and location!!!!! I LOVE IT HERE.

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